mypicture.jpgThe banner picture at the top of my blog was taken during a wildland fire incident. You are seeing two men standing by their engine as a wall of flames consumes the nearby timber. I like this picture because it in part represents my impressions of the world. I am a bible believing Christian who taking the Scripture seriously and literally am well aware that a future day has been appointed for the judgment of mankind the result of which will be the complete immolation of this physical universe and the recreation of all things in perfection. It’s a cheese analogy but the yellow shirts on the fire fighters are made of a burn resistant material called Nomex. Having been forewarned about the wrath of God I found that in Christ I can be clothed in his righteousness, a clothing which protects me from fierce heat of God’s wrath. Secondly, you see the firemen standing by their equipment. This equipment is designed to fight fire and rescue people. In the same way the Christian I found is equipped with everything he needs in the Bible. I stand by the bible, use the bible and recommend the bible. Lastly, you see trees being consumed by raging flames. Note that not everything is burnt up though, stumps remain, the grass in the foreground is untouched. Only partial burning, as tremondous as it is, is taking place. I look at the world around me and see that something with such power of consumption is at work in mankind. This violent and ravenous force is known by the Scriptures as sin.

As a complete picture it illustrates that the world is being consumed by a maglinant force that is as unstoppable to mankind as the flame front was to those fire fighters. However Christians are to be in the world, in the middle of the fight, right on the leading edge of the advancing front, thourghouly equipped for every good work, that by so doing they may save others from the coming wrath of God just as they themselves have been saved. This is me, aware of the appointed day to come, but protect and clothed in protective righteousness of Christ so that now by testimony, witness and love I may share with you how Christ is ready to day to receive you as well.

      I was born in 1979 in Phenoix Arizona in 1979 to an unwed teenage mother who had already had a daughter a year and a half before me. I was spared the treat of abortion since my mother belonged to a Catholic family. Her family provided for all of her needs during her preganacy with me on the condition that once I was born I was to be adopted out immediately. Concurrently my adoptive parents were in the process of being licensed to adopt. I was born, they got the phone call and the rest is history.


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