How Are Christians to Respond to This?

19 02 2009

In traditional societies when it comes to age you can picture a pyramid with the base composed of more youthful populations that age as you ascend the pyramid upward. The peak is small and represents the oldest age group and also the smallest in our population. Then came the babyboom.

Because of the babyboom and how this generation is aging, the natural pyramid is slowly but inevitably changing shape with profound implications. If you are younger than 30 this short TEDtalk video is worth your 3 minutes to at least orient you with one more doomsday prophecy to add to the list of possible forms of future annihilation.

As Christians there is something more sobering to ponder. Thematically the bible pressents a picture of the younger generation revearing and honoring and providing for the older generation. This makes sense because there are more kids than parents so the burden of responsibiltiy is porportantely smaller in the traditional model. But what happens when the ratio drops from 3:1 to 2:1 or 1:1? Add the entitlement mentailty we have created and it is easy for even an economic novice to forecast a potential fiscal storm.

A friend suggest I look to Europe as an example and an example it surely is. The Economist and CNN have done an excellent job in recording the slow motion moral, social and economic breakdown that I would suggest are precussor effects to this radical shift in the way societies are structured according to age. Will the same hold true for America?