I’ll take mine with Blue Eyes and a Large Fry.

18 02 2009
Want a boy with blue eyes? Yes we can!

If you’ve never seen the sci-fi flick “Gattaca” I highly recommend it to you. Besides being visually stimulating the meta narrative featured in the film was envelope pushing in 1997 when the movie came out. The overaching reality that this movie presents is one in which parents can genetically order the child of their desires and thus avoid the roulette wheel that is represented in natural conception. “Valids” are those whose genetic make up has been selected to provide the best possible genetic combination of traints like gender, eye color, ect. “God Children” alternatively are those who were conceived in the same old fashioned manner as you and I along with all the genetic predispositions like eczema (a condition I am familiar with :).

In the modern era this narrative had roots in the1991 announcement of the Human Genome Project led by the national Institues of Health. This project provides the reality and tools to accomplish the picking and choosing of genes. Though the process are not fully in place or created yet the opportunity to provide “choose your trait” services will be to lucrative and necessary (sans, all those fighting genetic illness today), to pass up. In one sign that this day is approaching a clinic in Los Angeles will begin offering its services soon, allowing patrons to select the features of their children. The reputable WSJ reports….